On December 2nd, we’ll be releasing the second NOREMIXES album from composer, Joo Won Park. ¬†The album is entitled¬†Modulationist and finds Joo Won¬†expanding the palette of his last album¬†Overundertone by including acoustic instruments into the mix. ¬†Hunter Brown joins the composer on opener, ‘Hallelujah’, for vibraphone and electronics. ¬†Later, Hunter is joined by Louis Pino on the rhythmically challenging ‘JNNJ’ for percussion duo and electronics. ¬†Theodosia Roussos is the oboist that gets lost in ‘Swamps, Showers, and Creatures’, and Giovanni Bertoni takes on Park’s electronics with two clarinets on ‘Armor+2’.

Pre-orders are available via iTunes¬†and Bandcamp, and with a pre-order, you’ll receive ‘Armor+2’ immediately for download. ¬†If purchased through the NOREMIXES bandcamp, you’ll also receive scores for three of the pieces from the album.