We’re really excited to be releasing the debut full-length album from Amsterdam’s Dow Jones Brotherhood, a new moniker of producer Thomas de Rijk.  Thomas has been involved heavily with the Dutch music scene from his days in Rotterdam to his new home of Amsterdam, having released under the name Halp for Seclusiasis, Lowriders and MYOR. But his new project Dow Jones Brotherhood has him approaching his music from a completely different perspective, utilizing different music-making tools, and a new aesthetic.

Although there is a musical connection to some of de Rijk’s previous output, ~~~, is much more abstract in its direction. The entire album was produced on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 portable synthesizer/sampler. Working away from a computer, and gathering musical inspiration from a completely different palate has allowed Thomas to develop a new language for his compositions, often improvising with short samples and the OP-1’s built in effects in passes to the built in 4 track recorder.

We’ve decided to press a limited edition Cobalt High Bias Type II Professionally Duplicated Cassette with Full Color Artwork and Direct-to-Tape Imprinting. Tape Shell is Smoky-Tinted Transparent.  The cassette ships with a WAV Download code if purchased from our site, and is also available on Bandcamp with free download and unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp app.  Tapes will ship Monday, August 3rd!

Atmosphreq has sent over hi-res scans of the photos from his limited edition self-titled Photo Box to share with everyone.  If you missed it when it was released earlier this year, definitely check it out in the store.  The hand developed original photos come with digital download codes.