Geo Metro (Aesir AV Collective, Philadelphia) yesterday announced a trio of thematically related full-length LPs receiving simultaneous release across three separate labels: Tiger Blood Tapes (Toronto), V I R T U A 94 records (Philadelphia) and NOREMIXES (Philadelphia).

All three albums are arranged in thematic consideration of the three stages of ascetic contemplation – Katharsis, Theoria and Theosis – as described by Pseudo-Dionysus the Areopagite, a 6th century theologian of minor note.

The work collected across these three albums leaps between extremes of boundary-defying electronica, exploring overlaps and communions between vaporwave, lofi house and analog ambience while remaining perpetually shaded in the hues of the city in the rain – like an ASMR recording of your last rites as read to you by someone who loves you dearly, snapped to a grid.

In physical form, the j-cards of all three albums can be arranged side by side to create a contemplative image of Simeon the Holy Fool dragging his dead dog through the ancient city of Emesa.

Each label involved will be pressing 50 copies of their respective releases to cassette – meaning only 50 complete sets can ever be obtained.

2/21/20 – all platforms, everywhere.

We are thrilled to be releasing Theosis on 2/21/2020.  Stay tuned for details regarding pre-orders of the cassette as well as the digital release.

Composer and producer Matt Baggiani is joining the NOREMIXES family with his brilliant EP Hiraeth.  Below, you can preview the title track.  With this release, Baggiani approached the creative process as a means for the mind to travel into uncharted space; ​Hiraeth can be thought of as unfinished inventories of sonic fragments and compositional endeavors.

Italian-born, now Los Angeles resident, Baggiani is an in demand composer of original music for television and advertising, and is equally comfortable in front of the piano and a modular synthesizer.  Hiraeth is released February 7th 2020.


Shell Money is the moniker of Wyncote-based producer/engineer Zach Goldstein.  Zach is well known for his engineering skills as studio manager and engineer at Kawari Sound, however, with the release of Family Tapes 89-93, his debut album, his production and songwriting is on display.

Riddled with foundsound home recordings, Family Tapes 89-93, sounds neither nostalgic or celebratory, but somehow autobiographical, …even if the childhood recordings are not.  Throughout, the hiss and scratch of two familiar voices provides a foundation for Goldstein to layer synthesizers, samples, guitars and percussion. You really just need to hear it.

Preview Brand New Day below, and hear the entire album this Friday, September 29th, when it is released.



Daniel Potter – Modern Times/Trident (nore003)

Released February 16th 2015

Juno Download


London-based composer Daniel Potter releases his first compositions for NOREMIXES.

‘Modern Times’
Elysian String Quartet (Emma Smith Vln1, Jennymay Logan Vln2, Vincent Sipprell Vla, Laura Moody Vlc)
Midi Percussion (David Holmes)
Electronics (Daniel Potter)

Flute (Jak Berry)
Oboe (Natalie Grant)
Clarinet (Naomi Thomas)
Electronics (Daniel Potter)

We are happy to announce the very first NOREMIXES release!  The release comes from a producer working under a brand new moniker, Golden Ratio Syrup.  Instead of boring you with background info about who Golden Ratio Syrup is, the artist has asked to remain anonymous and let the music speak for itself.


Label founder, Paul J. Geissinger (aka Starkey) had this to say about Golden Ratio Syrup.  “I was sent the demo as one long mp3 file.  I started listening through my laptop speakers, but after about 4 minutes had to get in the studio and listen to it on some real speakers.  It’s an amazing record and perfect for the first release for NOREMIXES.”


Golden Ratio Syrup’s self-titled debut will be released on January 12th of 2015 through all digital retailers and streaming sites, as well as the NOREMIXES bandcamp page.  There will also be a limited edition green vinyl 12″ available through Ninja Tune’s crowdfunding site, Beat Delete.  You can order that directly HERE.  (The 12″ comes with a free digital download.)  There are previews of two tracks from the release as well.