Pre-Order Geo Metro’s “Theosis” on Limited Edition Cassette Now.

We are extremely excited to be releasing Philadelphian Geo Metro’s new album Theosis this Friday, February 21st.  It’s part of a 3 album release he’s doing with the others dropping on Virtua 94 (Philadelphia) and the other on Tiger Blood Tapes (Toronto).  To celebrate, we’ve pressed up an ultra limited edition (50 only) super ferro normal-bias, real time duplication cassette with dark blue tint, grey liner, and no screws.  You can now Pre-order the Cassette over on our Bandcamp page, which comes with a digital copy of the album and a video for one of the album’s tracks, Kowloon.  Full digital release will also be this Friday.

Here’s a little bit more about Theosis:

NOREMIXES is the host of the release Theosis, the third and final piece in the three album sequence.  The album comprises five tracks of boundary-defying electronica, exploring overlaps and communions betwen vaporwave, lofi house and analog ambience while remaining perpetually shaded in the hues of the city when it rains – like a story told in an urgent whisper, Theosis is an ASMR recording of your last rites as read to you by someone who loves you dearly, snapped to a shuffle groove.