February 26th Sees New ghostinthehills Album and NOREMIXES NORESIDENCY in Philadelphia



Our first release of 2016 is the first full-length album from Philadelphia-based producer, ghostinthehills. ¬†The album is released February 26th. ¬†Still Life in Grey Scale follows 2015’s¬†Elegy EP, which set a tone for ghostinthehills’ musical direction which develops and matures on¬†Still Life in Grey Scale. ¬†The album weaves synthesis, found sound and piano into a tapestry of tone colors.

You can now pre-order the album on our bandcamp page. ¬†You’ll receive the opening track, ‘Constant Stream of Information’ as well as another track ‘Submerge’ instantly. ¬†Preview both below!

On¬†the day of its release, NOREMIXES will be starting a 4th Friday residency at Philadelphia’s Art Dept. ¬†ghostinthehills will celebrate with a record release party joined by Starkey and Brian McBrearty. ¬†Tickets are available at the Art Dept. website.