Limited Edition Atmosphreq Black Box Available to Order

Atmosphreq is the moniker of Philadelphia-based composer James Falconi. Though his career in music began with performance, playing and recording with various bands for nearly 10 years, his strength and main interest became composition. After a period of creating contemporary classical music for concert presentation, his main focus has become electro-acoustic music that is not intended for the concert hall, but various outlets including audio recordings, video, and installations. This self-titled release is his first as Atmosphreq.

Although music is what NOREMIXES does, and at its heart ‘Atmosphreq’ is a music release… James conceived the release as a multimedia project with original photography. Each track on the release is accompanied by a photograph that comments or relates to the music. NOREMIXES is pleased to offer a limited edition physical release consisting of five 4×6 photographs, hand-printed by the composer on high-quality gelatin silver paper (pictured above). Each box contains a download code and is hand-numbered.

The Atmosphreq ‘Black Box’ can be purchased directly from our site. Or on Bandcamp, where you will receive unlimited streaming of the release through the Bandcamp app as well. All orders will mail out Friday, April 3rd.

Preview the release below. It will be available digitally everywhere on April 6th.